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We are focused on our clients. Here's what they Had to say about us.


We are focused on our clients. Here's what they say about us.

  • Nice people, Great Service

    Home Repairs

    my house needed repairs and my credit report was bad, half the mess wasn't even mine. I couldn't get financing. Due to my credit report, so when I called Tired of Debt Loan Services, boy was I tired. Services with no upfront fees,Great! I finally got those repairs done. Thanks-guys.

    - Janis M. Tampa bay Florida
  • Understanding my situation

    I wanted to do this video to show my appreciation to the good people over at Tired of Debt Loan Services, for just understanding my situation and working so hard to help me find a solution. The reps are very empathetic, caring people, that work very hard to help you to find the right solution for your problem. They answer your questions,and they are very patient. Good Service! Great Results...

    -Brandon J. Miami Florida

    Good Service! Great Results..

  • A Good Service, and Outstanding Customer Service

    Finally out of debt

    Tired of credit card bills, I wanted to pay them off, I was referred to Tired of Debt Loan Services and I could not believe how they helped me finally get those credit cards paid off by helping me get a debt consolidation loan. Thank You for all your help.

    -Johnathan M. Houston Texas
  • Apartment Approved

    Hey extra shout out to Tired of Debt Loan Services, We were turned down for getting an apartment and couldn't understand why? but thanks to the good people over at tired of debt loan services,Getting those bad items deleted. we got approved for our apartment. You guys are great!

    - Tammy, Micheal. Mesa California

    Outstanding Service.... Good People

  • Great Service.......

    Credit Card Help

    Hi I had to make this video just to send a Thanks to the nice reps over at Tired of Debt Loan Services, I needed help with my credit cards bills, so the nice people over at Tired of Debt Loan Services helped me, one payment, and no stress
    Thank you!

    -Pam H. San Diego California

Special Thanks

I was very happy to do a testimonial for this company because I was very pleased with their service. And to hear that they don’t charge any upfront fees for their service I was again lost for words. I was skeptical but, They answered my questions, and advised me of what they do, and they actually work hard for you, they really help you find a solution to your problem. If you're looking for help with you debt, credit,they really work hard to help you.
I just want to say “Thank you Tired of Debt Loan Services.”

James. D , Birmingham Alabama

More bills than money

I had Medical Bills, Credit Cards, Collections, a few loans too! and the monthly bills was breaking me, I was working 2 jobs, And The stress of paying out so much money. But then a buddy of mine told me about a service called Tired of Debt Loan Services, and how they really go out their way to help you. Boy did I need help! I called them and got a free consultation and evaluation, and I’m now working one job...have one bill and great support!
You betta call Tired of Debt Loans Services..I did.

Jessie B. Huntsville Alabama