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Our affiliate program was launched as a way to offer internet publishers a lucrative method to earn extra income by referring qualified leads to Tired of Debt Loan Services. This program provides you with customized marketing tools that result in high payouts. Be it a blog or a website, if you’re on the lookout for an incredible way to increase your cash flow, look no further. Simply sign up for our affiliate program and start sending us promising leads today.

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By joining our Merchant Referral Program, you gain the ability to refer leads to Tired of Debt Loan Services via an online form we provide to you. For each lead that successfully signs up for any of our resource services, you will receive a commission. A Tired of Debt Loan Services Representative will handle this process, notifying you as soon as your leads enroll in any of our services.


As with any decision we also encourage you to speak with your personal financial expert or legal professional.